“I’m very happy with everything Aleiah shares. I have experience with the work of many people, but Aleiah is unique. Her work reaches into all parts of your being (human, soul, divine). Also Aleiah is very pure and authentic.

Whatever you are dealing with, no matter what you are looking for, Aleiah can guide you and that is unique! The meditation she offers, called the Daily inperience, gives me peace and confidence. Her transformation-of-karma method make my life flow easily and helps me to to deal with problems and challenges. Her work has helped me to gain insight, acknowledge my own patterns and change them. I feel more confident and self-love. So much has changed since I met Aleiah and therefore I am very grateful! ”

Marian van Vught www.praktijksurya.nl

Marian Van Vught

“I have known Aleiah for 9 years and during that period a lot has changed in my life. “What has changed?” you ask. What has not changed, you better ask!

Nine years ago I was stuck in my mind and very insecure about myself and my life. Now I live from my heart and in confidence. There is more peace within me. There is a flow of tranquility and softness in my life, and I have left a lot of karma behind. Instead, I experience more safety; a stronger sense of inner knowing and especially more self-love. There is harmony inside me and with the people around me. Aleiah is a source of inspiration. She shows that there is much more to get out of life. Her teachings are simple, fun and engaging.”

Maria Beks www.craniosacraalrotterdam.nl

Maria Beks

“What Aleiah does is revolutionary. It was so five years ago, when I met her, and it is still so. Every training or course she reveals new information! The information is profound, brought to you in simple day-to-day language, and in easy applicable methods. It doesn’t matter if you just started on your path of self development or you are advanced: Aleiah will always support your personal growth, share valuable insight on why things happen in your life and help you to change your life! She can reach anyone, at any level, and that is extraordinary! Also, she is the most loving person I have ever met. If there is anyone who can help you to transform your life, she is the one!”

Adija Becx

Adija Becx