Your name in hieroglyphics reveals your life

Hieroglyphics are characters of the ancient Egyptian writing system. It was given to man by the deity Thoth, god of wisdom. Each character of this script has its own unique meaning. The order of these characters makes up a story. The ancient Egyptians were able to interpret someone’s life by reading the meaning of the person’s name.

You choose your name before you are born and pass it on to your parents. Your name is a reflection of your universal being and of what your universal being wants to learn during your life on earth. By translating your name into hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptians’ writing system, the message that your name carries with it can be read.

The message of your name is read at a name reading. Aleiah is the only person on earth who is able to read names in this way.

A name reading session takes 1 hour. You can choose between an online or live session. Live sessions take place in Harderwijk, The Netherlands.

If you like to receive a reading from Aleiah you can send a request to However, only in special occasions Aleiah will give personal readings.